State Relay Day was a wonderful way to finish the 2022 State Short Course Championships. Congratulations to everyone who competed, particularly those joining us for the first time. We hope you had a fabulous experience and enjoyed being part of one of the best days on the annual swimming calendar. ❤️💙

There were some stand-out performance across the board, but particular shout out to our boys’ 18&U 4×50 freestyle relay team of Noah Caton, Matthew Pearce, Harrison Biddell and Fergus McLachlan, who broke the SAA and SA records, recording a time of 1:35.10. ❤️💙

The same quartet (Fergus – back, Harrison – breast, Matthew – fly, Noah – free) also broke the SAA and SA records in the 18&U 4×50 medley, with a 1:44.57, lowering the time set by Norwood (William Twizell, Isaac Johnson, Josh Smith and Matt Reinhardt) back in 2015. Nice work, boys! ❤️💙

Well done to our all medal winners …

Fergus McLachlan, Harrison Biddell, Darcy Tsamaidis, Noah Caton – Open, medley relay
Noah Caton, Matthew Pearce, Harrison Biddell, Fergus McLachlan – 18&U, free relay
Fergus McLachlan, Harrison Biddell, Matthew Pearce, Noah Caton – 18&U, medley relay

Isabelle Tran, Alyssa Tran, Juliet Mazur, Clara Carrocci – Open, medley relay
Clement Ryu, Antony Barresi, Anakin Meaney, Logan Rieck – 14&U, free relay
Hugh Caton, Tom Braunack, Aidan Langman, Luc Lindsay – 16&U, free relay
Anakin Meaney, Eugene Kouchinsky, Logan Rieck, Clement Ryu – 14&U, medley relay
Clara Carrocci, Alyssa Tran, Juliet Mazur, Arabella Bahr – 16&U, medley relay
Hugh Caton, Tom Braunack, Hamish Langman, Luc Lindsay – 16&U, medley relay
Katie Simpson, Poppy Marshall, Isabelle Tran, Summer Bament – 18&U, medley relay
Logan Rieck, Ella Pearce, Luc Lindsay, Isabelle Tran, Fergus McLachlan, Clara Carrocci, Joey Mazur, Poppy Marshall – Open, 8×50 free relay

Emma Everitt, Jasmine Tsiros, Gabi Wright, Grace Morton – 14&U, free relay
Katie Simpson, Poppy Marshall, Summer Bament, Isabelle Tran – 18&U, free relay

So, that’s it! Congratulations, once again, to every single Norwood swimmer who competed over the five days. It’s a great achievement to make it to this level and you should be very proud of yourselves.

Thanks to coaches Ed and Cam, and a special thanks to Luke on his state championship Head Coach debut. We know the future of our club is in very good hands.

Thanks to all our parents and supporters for everything you do to make this club a success. The swimmers could not do it without you.

To all our swimmers next month heading to Queensland for the School Sport Australia Championships, and those off to Sydney for the Australia Short Course Championships, we wish you the very best of luck. And, of course, in about two weeks, we’ll all be cheering for Izzy Vincent at the Commonwealth Games! GO NORWOOD!