Congratulations to all the swimmers as Norwood finished the meet a clear 2nd on the points score. Many of you swum multiple events, over heats and finals, with very little rest. Yet you still managed new PBs, National Age times, National Open times, Olympic trials times and so, so many medals. We’re very proud of you all. ❤️💙

Medal winners:


▪️Isabella Vincent, 100m backstroke (MC); 100m freestyle (MC); 100m breaststroke (MC)

▪️Luc Lindsay, 1500m freestyle

▪️Clara Carrocci, 200m backstroke


▪️Isabella Vincent, 400m freestyle (MC); 50m backstroke (MC), 100m freestyle (MC), 200m IM (MC)

▪️William Gaertner, 50m breaststroke

▪️Arabella Bahr, 400m IM

▪️Brooke Simpson, 50m breaststroke (MC)

▪️Clara Carrocci, 100m butterfly

▪️Logan Rieck, 100m backstroke

▪️William Gaertner, Hamish Langman, Aidan Langman, Hugh Caton, 4x100m freestyle

▪️Clara Carrocci, Katie Simpson, Georgia McAvaney, Arabella Bahr, 4x50m medley relay

▪️Hugh Caton, Jarrod Webb, Hamish Langman, Aidan Langman, 4x50m freestyle relay

▪️Grace Morton, William Gaertner, Georgia McAvaney, Luc Lindsay, mixed 4x50m medley

▪️Logan Rieck, William Gaertner, Hamish Langman, Joseph Mazur, 4x50m medley relay

▪️Luc Lindsay, Clara Carrocci, Aidan Langman, Georgia McAvaney, mixed 4x50m freestyle relay


▪️Brooke Simpson, 400m freestyle (MC); 50m backstroke (MC); 50m freestyle (MC); 100m backstroke (MC); 100m freestyle (MC)

▪️Katie Simpson, 200m breaststroke; 400m IM

▪️Aidan Langman, 200m freestyle

▪️Hugh Caton, 400m IM

▪️William Gaertner, 200m breaststroke; 200m breaststroke

▪️Clara Carrocci, 400m freestyle; 100m backstroke

▪️Arabella Bahr, 200m butterfly; 800m freestyle

▪️Laura McAvaney, Charlotte Dowling, Katie Simpson, Clara Carrocci, 4x100m freestyle relay

▪️Luc Lindsay, William Gaertner, Aidan Langman, Joseph Mazur, 4x100m medley relay

▪️Georgia McAvaney, Charlotte Dowling, Clara Carrocci, Juliet Mazur, 4x50m freestyle relay

▪️Grace Morton, Katie Simpson, Arabella Bahr, Georgia McAvaney, 4x100m medley relay